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The recipe for bridal boutiques is typically very ubiquitous. Find a small to medium space, paint everything white, and add the dresses and accessories. A survey of Calgary's bridal studios revealed that all of the current boutiques very closely follow that basic strategy. Powder wanted to stand out amongst the crowd, and provide an adequate setting commensurate to the exclusivity of the bridal gowns and accesories that they specialize in.

Staring with a poorly designed and awkwardly shaped commercial shell - we explored an investment of detail and material to help the boutique reveal its own identity within an otherwise underwhelming building. Traditional details were explored, evolved, and modified to a contemporary boutique in an effort to build an atmosphere of elegance and sophistication. Rich materials and soft textures were added to build a layer of warmth to the space, and grey paint was washed over the panelled walls to created a contrasted background for the brides-to'be as they toil over their choices.

Every detail was considered and minimized to create a space that was only about 'the dress'. Door hardware and extranneous items were minimized and hidden within the panelled walls, and the ceiling plane and flooring were carefully selected with a refined approach that spoke to the beauty and delicate nature of the dresses curated by the shop's owners.