Residential + Commercial Design

Focused on a more considered design language, we strive to ensure a more robust and resilient architectural future. With an internationally renowned design reputation, our projects inject a fresh design aesthetic and standard of construction for the Western Canadian region.

Construction Management

The merits of any design relies heavily on its processes of creation. The projects that we build are testaments to both craft and detail. Combining the design and build processes, we save our clients both time and money, and deliver a more robust and higher quality product.

Real Estate Development

As a multi-faceted practice experienced in multi-family projects, marketing, and project management, we have a unique capacity for the delivery of development based projects of any scale. Defined by innovative design and unique market positioning, we deliver these projects through from conception to sale.

  • we believe in challenging convention to transform the built environment, to change the way people live; creating better cities for a better future.
the results of our toils


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The Warburg House
Private Residence
Project Cover
The Montgomery Project
Private Residence
Project Cover
Pool + Pavillion
External Pavillion
Project Cover
The Lakeview Alteration
Residential Extension
Project Cover
Rosemont Reconsidered
Major Renovation
Project Cover
309 / 18 Apartments
Coming Soon
Project Cover
The Hearn House
Private Residence
Project Cover
The Garden House
Coming Soon
Project Cover
The Sliver House
Private Residence
We are bioi. and this is what we're about.
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bioi. { BY - OH - EYE }

Bioi is a dynamic, experienced, and multi-facted design and build practice. Founded in 2011, Bioi emerged from an industry-wide lack of care, craft, and innovation in Western Canadian architecture and construction. All buildings are typically built through a series of constructive process that hold no cohesive strain, no collective vision, and very little thought for the totality of the end product. As both designers and builders, this typical level of quality simply does not satisfy our standards. Seeking to better the state of our cities, the strength of our built environment, and to positively affect the way people live, Bioi has pursued a higher standard, through the return to craft and the resurgence of detail to their commonplace.

With a fine eye for detail, and a skilled hand for fine craft, Bioi has quickly built an innovative and diverse portfolio across a broad selection of typologies including both residential and commercial projects. Bioi believes that variety is at the core of architectural design and practice. Each project it undertakes has a distinctive design and spatial response with its own stylistic character.

We believe in the power of an idea and the purity of the processes that make it become reality. We believe that good architecture and quality construction should be readily attainable and available to everyone. We are championing a new standard for design, and a higher standard of construction for western Canadian cities.

We are proponents of efficiency. Enviromental efficiency of course, but more importantly an efficiency of space, and an efficiency of budget. The idea that sustainable architecture is developed through a 'checklist' resulting in a certificate is a bygone mentality. A truly efficient and sustainable project is well considered from the very first steps, and encompasses every aspect of it through the design and construction.

We believe in a better way of building, and a better future for our cities. We believe in more robust urban spaces that are designed with the human scale in mind, with a lessening of our reliance on motor vehicles and mechanical equiptment. We believe in dynamic and eclectic communities, all-encompassing and neighbourly. We believe in local economies, local producers, in restful and robust parks, and lively streets. And these are just a few of the things that take over our conversations, meetings, and our many coffee breaks.

Jordan Allen

{ B.Arts (Industrial Design); Master of Architecture }

With a background of more than 15 years in industrial, graphic, and architectural design, as well as mixed use development and marketing, Jordan has practiced extensively in local Alberta studios and internationally in Sydney, Australia. With a well developed and keen sensibility, he brings a strategic understanding of contemporary design and architecture to each project. As a director of bioi, Jordan maintains a strong voice and high standard of design excellence for each of the studio’s undertakings. Sketches and free hand drawings that explore conceptual constructs are typically the starting point for most of Jordan's projects. These concepts remain thoughout the process as continuous inspiration, and are brought to life on site. His disciplined attitude to time, cost and construction ensures that the initial sparks of inspiration are realized with each project.

Jordan holds two degrees in design, the first a Bachelor's degree in Industrial Design from the University of Alberta in Edmonton, and the second a four year Master Degree in Architecture (with thesis) from the University of Calgary. A voice for the betterment of our cities and spaces through the use of strong innovative design principles, Jordan strives to maintain Bioi’s position at the forefront of progressive Canadian architecture and optomistically looks toward bettering our cities for a brighter future.

Ryan Trefz

{ J.Man Carpenter; B.Sci. (Astro Physics); Master of Architecture }

With more than 20 years of experience in construction and fabrication, Ryan delivers a technically proficient and immensely detailed eye to the studio. A passionate vision, artistic care, a scientific approach and logic are all hallmarks of Ryan's work. His rigorous approach and intensity are all a function of his past experience in both academics and practice. Maintaining an exceptionally high standard of design and construction, Ryan injects a firm standard of architectural excellence into every project.

Ryan holds a Bachelor's Degree in Science (Astro Physics), a four year Master of Architecture (with thesis), as well as a Red Seal for Carpentry. Drawing on continued research in subjects ranging from contemporary philosophy to progressive fabrication methodologies, he ensures a continued evolution of Bioi’s conceptual underpinnings and construction processes. His drive toward a progressive innovation ensures that every project is afforded the best possible outcome of material, process, and economic advantage.