uncompromising design
~ built with ~
genuine old-school craft

we believe in challenging convention
to transform the built environment
to change the way people live.
creating better cities for a better future,
one project at a time.

the results of our toils...
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The Warburg House

Warburg, Alberta, Canada

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The Montgomery Project

(Montgomery) Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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Pool + Pavillion

St. Paul, Manitoba, Canada

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The Lakeview Alteration

(Lakeview) Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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Reconsidering Rosemont

(Rosemont) Calgary, Alberta, Canada

309/18 Apartments

(Mission) Calgary, Alberta, Canada


(Beltline) Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Hearn House

(Cloverdale) Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


here's what we bring to the table.


From new homes to major renovations and building upgrades, we deliver a fresh, unique, and contemporary design language for every project. Focused on a more efficient and thoughtful design language, we strive to ensure a more robust and resilient architectural future. Our projects are all 100% tailored to fit the needs, lives, and dreams of each of our unique clients. With an internationally renowned design reputation, our projects inject a fresh design aesthetic and standard of construction for the Western Canadian region.


The merits of any design relies heavily on its processes of creation. Our construction capacity integrates the design and build portions of our projects into a single process, saving our clients both time and money.
With a strong history rooted in over 30 years of fine carpentry and construction, we deliver not only an exceptional standard of design - but a better product for a more efficient and thoughtful process from concept to completion.


Our team's experience in multi-family projects, marketing, and management gives us a unique capacity for the delivery of larger scale projects. As a multi-faceted practice and with a firm belief in collaboration, we are able to spearhead larger projects through from conception to delivery. Whether joint-venture, client driven, or in-house developments, our development process is setting a new standard for higher density housing and commercial projects.


Focused on hand craft and a high calibre of design, we deliver both retail and bespoke furniture for any budget and any space. Support for local craft is paramount to ensuring its continuity, and we strive to continue that principle.

Our first collection of localy produced and hand-crafted pieces will be released in Winter 2014.
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"the term 'custom' doesn't mean anything anymore. too many builders use that word to sell the illusion of quality - and it's a blatant lie.

each of our projects are 100% unique and tailored to fit our clients' daily lives. unique projects for unique people; we always start from a blank page..."

hello, we are bioi.

(and this is what we're about)

Our philosophy is simple: as both designers and builders, we have a tremendous opportunity to contribute more relevant, more innovative, and more positive influences within the city fabric. We take this role seriously, and seek to build better cities for the future.

Our objective is to create both distinct and innovative built solutions to modern life. Starting with each unique context and each unique client, every one of our projects has an individual and specific flavour. With a consistently inclusive approach, our office is involved in every process of both design and construction, with the capacity to see a project through from concept to completion.

We believe in the power of an idea and the purity of the processes that make it become reality. We believe that good architecture should be attainable and available to everyone, regardless of budget, site, or circumstance. We are champions of a new standard of design, and a higher standard of construction.

Bioi is based in Calgary, Canada and directed by co-founders Jordan Allen and Ryan Trefz; working for clients within western Canada and beyond. We are a workshop, a laboratory, a think tank, and a design group.
We have a deep love for architecture, for the urban context, for the artistic, and for the innovation that is possible when they all come together.

We believe in a better built future. Build strong, live long.

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design studio + gallery.

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